what is leader rotation in Solana

Leader Schedule Rotation in Solana ($SOL)

go here Rotation in Solana Rotation is a process that ensures validators are not able to censor votes and transactions. Rotation happens every 10 seconds, which means that each node has a chance to take the lead for one second. Rotation also minimizes the influence of malicious leaders by ensuring no single leader can be elected indefinitely. […]

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how long is an epoch in solana

How long is an Epoch in Solana ($SOL)?

https://photovisions.ca/fi4duvb8yf An epoch is the time in which the staking rewards and inflation are issued. Rewards accrued in a given epoch are issued to all validators and delegators in the first block of the following epoch. An epoch is the amount of time that staking rewards are issued to all validators and delegators at the beginning […]

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What is a Solana Validator?

click Validators form the backbone of Solana’s network. Each validator contributes to making Solana the most censorship-resistant and high-performance blockchain network in the world by verifying transactions and participating in consensus. Validators run a version of the Solana-node codebase. Solana-node is written in Rust and uses the Proof of History algorithm from proof of work to […]

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